Hello, Neil Stubbings is a motion design & animation studio

I am a highly accomplished director and creative director with a track
record of excellence, boasting a multitude of prestigious awards that
underscore my expertise. Over the span of more than two decades,
I have cultivated an exceptional skill set in the realms of advertising,
short content creation, and corporate communication, positioning me
as a seasoned professional in the field.

Furthermore, my extensive journey encompasses five years as a
managing partner in a motion design studio, during which I adeptly
honed my craft, expanded my skill set, and successfully managed
employees and freelancers.
This experience has not only enriched my personality but also equipped
me with invaluable insights into the dynamic realm of the industry.

Fostering robust and lasting client relationships is paramount in my
approach, and I am dedicated to discovering solutions that both
fulfill client needs and uphold creative integrity.

At the core of my creative endeavors is an intricate understanding
of storytelling, scriptwriting, and concept development.
My passion for detailed world-building is evident, as I enjoy creating
rich, elaborate narratives that deeply engage audiences across various
platforms. My approach to storytelling is also characterized by a
unique and enthralling sense of humor, bringing a distinctive layer
to my work that both entertains and resonates.

In summary, I am an industry veteran who combines decades of
experience with a profound mastery of storytelling, scriptwriting,
and conception. My commitment to excellence and my ability to
infuse humor into my work make me a standout choice for projects
that demand creativity, innovation, and a compelling narrative.
I am poised to contribute my wealth of knowledge and expertise to
your next creative endeavor, ensuring its success and leaving
a lasting impact.

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