You win some, you lose some.
The brief for this pitch came from a well-known toilet paper brand in the US, who’s mascot needed an ‘angelic’ makeover that gave the face of the brand a new direction, while maintaining their friendly audience appeal.
Unfortunately this job was awarded to a competitor.

Wer gewinnen will muss auch verlieren können
Der Auftrag für diesen Pitch kam von einer bekannten Toilettenpapiermarke der USA, deren Maskottchen ein “engelsgleiches” Makeover benötigte, das dem Gesicht der Marke eine neue Richtung gab. Leider ging der Auftrag an einen Konkurrenten.


Neil Stubbings
Jelly NYC
Undisclosed Toilet Paper Brand

Iterations of the character design for the main mascot.

The toilet paper company’s headquarters resides in the clouds and resembles a pile of stacked paper rolls.

Clouds get absorbed by giant filters and are subsequently compressed into super duper fluffy toilet paper by the mystical cloud compressor.

Because the angels are so tiny, they use a pneumatic tube system to travel through the headquarters.

The CEO’s office.

The angels LOVE all things that are fluffy!

Prop design.